Early Voting

Early Voting

Early Voting is now an option for all Michigan voters in state & federal elections.

Early Voting allows voters to place their completed ballots into the tabulator prior to Election Day.

In November 2022, Michigan voters approved a Constitutional Amendment that gives voters the right to early, in-person voting. This is applicable for all Statewide and Federal elections for a minimum of nine (9) consecutive days before each election.

Registered voters in the City of Monroe can vote nine (9) consecutive days before each election in Council Chambers (located in City Hall) from 8AM-4PM, or on Election Day at their precincts.  

Council Chambers will be set up like a precinct and voters will be able to cast their ballot similar to how they would at a "typical" polling location. Voters are issued a ballot and personally insert it into the tabulator after it has been voted.

Absentee voters also have the option to participate in Early Voting.

  • Residents can fill out their ballot at home and then take the voted absentee ballot (with numbered stub attached, in an absentee secrecy sleeve) to the Early Voting location during the early voting period, or to their voting precinct on Election Day, and personally feed the ballot into the tabulator.
  • Residents may complete their absentee ballot at home, or at the City Clerk’s Office, then submit the ballot in the signed envelope by mail, in person or by City drop box. After the absentee ballot in the signed envelope is received by the City Clerk's Office, the absentee ballot is securely stored, and finally processed and tabulated by the Absentee Counting Board.

Please contact Clerk-Treasurer Michelle LaVoy with questions at 734-384-9140 or [email protected].