Refuse Contract Update

Refuse Collection Update - Stevens Disposal
Posted on 01/08/2024

Refuse Collection Update - Stevens Disposal

In December 2023, after a six-month review period, Monroe City Council approved updates to the current refuse and recycling services being offered through Stevens Disposal.

Additional services apply mostly to multi-family residential properties/parcels.


Each property/parcel is provided with one 96-gallon wheeled refuse cart, collected weekly. A second cart is provided free of charge, per parcel, upon request.

Loose bags on the curb are not permitted and will not be collected.

Call the Department of Public Services (DPS) at 734-384-9125 to make a request.

Every property/parcel - including multi-family units UPON REQUEST - are provided, free of charge - a 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart, collected weekly.

It is important that residents make every effort to recycle the right material and clean it properly to improved the quality of materials processed at the recovery facility.

Bulk pickup for the entire City occurs on Fridays only, regardless of your collection day. Limit of two (2) bulk items per week per property/parcel - multi-family units included.

Residents must contact DPS no later than noon on Thursdays to schedule pickup.

Fill out the online form, or call 734-384-9125 to get on the schedule.

Please call the Department of Public Services (DPS) at 734-384-9125 and follow the voice prompts.