Social District Rules

Downtown Social District Rules

Patrons in the social district are encouraged to enjoy the amenities of downtown Monroe, including pocket parks, the Riverwalk and other public areas, while carrying their alcoholic beverage purchased at a participating location.  

Please keep in mind the below RULES:

  • Social District is open daily from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. EST.
  • Patrons cannot carry cups into another business location. They must remain outdoors.
  • Cups must stay within the Social District. Look for signs and street markings that indicate boundaries.
  • Cups must have the official Social District Sticker and logo of the business where the beverage was purchased.
  • During certain permitted events, the District will expand to include St. Mary's Park and/or Government Plaza. Special events will be marked with proper signage.
  • Please dispose of your cup in a proper trash or recycling receptacle prior to departing the district. Do not leave your cup loose on the sidewalk, in front of businesses or in the roadways.