Downtown Social District FAQs

What is a Social District?

The social district is an area within Downtown Monroe where patrons of a legal age are able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while walking around and exploring the amenities of our Downtown, including pocket parks, the Riverwalk and other public areas.

Can I walk anywhere in the City with my cup?

No. Upon purchasing a beverage from an approved location, you will only be able to walk within the permitted social district boundaries. All boundaries are marked with proper signage along the sidewalks and walking paths. In addition, please reference the map on the Social District webpage.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a Social District cup and walk around the district?

No. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages must be purchased from one of the approved locations. Simply ask the location to provide you with an approved social district cup which will feature the social district logo and the logo of the approved location.

What types of beverages can I have in my Social District Cup?

Beer, Wine and Liquor are all allowable drinks in Social District Cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating business. Cups hold 16 oz. of your chosen beverage.

Can I bring my social district cup into St. Mary’s Park?

You can bring your social district cup into designated special events within St. Mary’s Park. Proper signage will be posted to signify designated special events.