Downtown Monroe Walk Your Wheels

Downtown Monroe Walk Your Wheels
Posted on 04/20/2023
Downtown Monroe "Walk Your Wheels"
Bicycles and pedestrians on the sidewalks can be a dangerous combination, and with warmer weather approaching, traffic on local walkways will increase making it difficult to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.  This is of special consideration in our Downtown business district wherein visitors utilize the sidewalk to make frequent stops in and out of businesses.

This is why the Monroe Public Safety Department, along with the Downtown Monroe Business Network are collaborating on a public awareness campaign to walk all bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller blades or other wheeled device traffic in the downtown business district with "WALK YOUR WHEELS."  This campaign will include enforcement action in an effort to encourage downtown visitors to dismount and walk their bikes, e-scooters, etc.

Riding bikes or other wheeled devices on the downtown sidewalks is explicitly prohibited by City Ordinance 199-9; “No skateboard, roller blades, roller skates, bicycle or other such similar wheeled device shall be operated on any sidewalk or place open to the public where signs prohibit their operation.”

Please note that the Ordinance does not prohibit the use of approved ADA Handicap assistance mobility devices on the sidewalk, nor is that the target of this campaign.

Working closely with business partners, as well as understanding and cooperation from residents and downtown visitors, can create safe and enjoyable environment for all.  Please be considerate of others, and walk your wheels Downtown.

Do you have questions about "Walk Your Wheels," the ordinance, or what may or may not apply?  Please give our Department of Public Safety a call at 734.243.7503.