2023 Community Survey

2023 Community Survey
Posted on 03/16/2023
2023 Community Survey

We're excited to announce that we are inviting 𝐀 𝐋 𝐋 City of Monroe residents to participate in our 2023 Community Survey!  All results are anonymous!  

Feedback via the Community Survey will help inform how the city moves forward and is used for community planning, determining service delivery, and future policies. Gathering input from a wide array of residents will help ensure an understanding of the values of community members and representation in both large and small decisions made about programs, policies and strategic plans.

All results are anonymous. 'Open Participation' for City of Monroe residents is scheduled to begin Friday, March 17th, and close on Friday, March 31st.

Link to 2023 City of Monroe Community Survey:

In addition to the online survey, 2500 randomly selected households in the City of Monroe were invited to participate in this community survey. Feedback will be used for community planning, determining service delivery, and future policies.

We are pleased to announce that we have once again partnered with POLCO to conduct a comprehensive citizen survey.  Designed and developed by POLCO, the National Community Survey will provide feedback to assist City leadership in making future decisions about our community.

First conducted, in 2018, our first National Community Survey results were used in several recent planning projects, including the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the Orchard East Neighborhood Plan, the Telegraph Corridor Improvement Plan, and many other goals and initiatives.

Household selection was random in each precinct of the city. Addresses were sampled from a list of all addresses from the post office.

  Responses are completely anonymous.
  Unbiased adult residents 18 and older are requested to fill out the form only.
   It does not matter if you own the property or not, the resident should fill out the survey.

Questions about this process or the survey itself? Please call the Economic & Community Development Department at 734.384.9184.