Why is a new police division facility needed?

Public Safety is a growing concern throughout the local community, and across the country.

A public safety facility must be tailored to meet the current space, technological, and operational efficiency of the City of Monroe Police Division to better serve the community. Support for this bond is an investment in the future of our community by providing a modern, updated facility for the police division, designed for essential cohesion with the fire station at 911 E Third.

In order to do this, the new Police Division Facility Addition has been planned, designed, and with voter approval, will eventually be constructed to accommodate how the department will operate and function in the 21st century.

Constructing a new building will provide an advanced work environment for police officers, allowing for enhanced capabilities, modern crime scene evidence processing, officer wellness resources, enhanced training facilities, efficiency of shared resources in a dual purpose facility, all the while benefiting citizens and customers alike.

With bond approval, the new Police Division Facility Addition would be adjacent to, and complement, the existing fire station. As such, it will support the Public Safety Department’s operational needs by organically integrating our public safety model of shared, comprehensive and coordinated resources.  Additionally, it will support community oriented policing efforts by way of its direct placement within a neighborhood setting, increasing accessibility to public services and programs.

An architect specializing in public safety planning and design conducted an assessment in 2022 of the current police facility. The analysis identified significant space deficiencies, opportunities for technological improvements, improved safety for both personnel and citizens, as well as operational efficiency.

The new addition will provide up-to-date features for our public safety personnel, and benefit the community in the additional following ways:

  • Improved staff workspace and modern technological improvements.
  • Safer apparatus access and maneuverability, storage and other support spaces.
  • Access to both first responder agencies for residents in close proximity.
  • Improved emergency preparedness for call response.
  • Operate as the City of Monroe Emergency Operations Center.


  • Centralized location for Public Safety (fire and police) services, such as records access, permits, reporting, etc.
  • Easily identifiable and accessible entrance with adequate parking.
  • Visitor-friendly design that incorporates safety and convenience as a priority.
  • Accommodating waiting area that serves both routine business transactions, as well as situationally sensitive concerns.
  • The presence of a complete public safety facility, including both police and fire divisions, adds security to the neighborhood and piece-of-mind stability and comfort to citizens.
  • Monitored environment for safe-swap zones.


  • Utilizing the existing classroom/community room at the fire station as a shared resource for fire and police, to provide broader community programming by accommodating larger groups, such as social service organizations.
  • Expanding department programs, including training, requires increased spatial needs.
According to the National Citizen Survey conducted in the City of Monroe in 2018, polled residents shared that safety concerns topped their list of local issues, with 90% of respondents confirming that it was “essential or very important” for the city leaders to address in the future. This is why it is extremely important to implement measures now to help ensure the public security and safety of those who live and work in the city (more information on this survey can be found here).

How much will it cost?

The police station bond proposal, a 21 year proposal, is estimated to be levied at .98 mills in 2023, which would cost approximately $49 per year for the average homeowner in Monroe who owns a home with a market value of $100,000.

Below are the costs for varying property values:

Proposed Bond Rate Chart 2022

Estimated cost of a new facility is $14.5 million which includes construction and market contingencies. The bond request is for $12.5 million; the City is committed to fund up to $2.0 million from current resources to cover any contingency costs.

For more questions regarding the upcoming November 8th Bond Proposal, please see the Frequently Asked Questions linked below.

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