RING - Neighbors Public Safety Service

RING logoThe City of Monroe Police Department is now a part of the RING Neighbors app! RING Neighbors allows users to share photos, videos and information related to local crime and safety incidents so fellow residents can stay informed and improve the safety of our communities.

RING Neighbors is a free app created for residents to connect and share hyper-local safety updates and information from reliable sources. As an identified public safety user of the Neighbors App, the MPD can post information about crime or safety alerts, and view or comment on public posts within our community.

Occasionally, RING devices and other select camera systems capture video of suspicious activity or a crime.  Device owners will now have the ability to share these videos with us directly.  Through RING Neighbors, we can request video recordings from device owners when we are working an active investigation.  Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App for FREE from the App Store or Google Play to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device.  You do not need to own a RING device to participate. 

NOTE:  The Police Department CANNOT see the owner's name, recorded video or view the camera’s live feed. However, if a crime were to occur in that area, police can quickly identify the cameras that are present and send a message to the residents in that area to request they check their recordings. If a resident identifies video that could be helpful, they can choose to share the video with the Police Department.  Again, police and other public safety agencies do not have access to users’ RING  devices, live streams or personal information when using Neighbors.

It is the hope of the MPD that this platform will allow us to collaborate with citizens to detect, solve and reduce crime.

How to Download the Neighbors App

The app is free to download. Visit the app store via the links below to download on any iOS or Android device.

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