Crime Prevention Door Hangers

Crime Prevention Tips

The Monroe Public Safety Department is beginning an initiative to partner more closely with the community, by providing information to its citizens of reported suspicious activities near/at their residence/business. The Monroe Police Division will be utilizing Crime Prevention Tips Door Hangers to inform citizens of a problem, which was either reported, or observed by officers on patrol. These door hangers contain information with specifics, regarding the reason for the contact/check by the police. The following criteria may be used as a basis for these checks.  

  • Open garage door
  • Ladder left near building
  • Vehicle Unlocked
  • Vehicle windows open
  • Vehicle valuables left visible inside
  • Bicycle not secure
  • Loud Party
  • Barking Dog complaint
  • Parking Warning
  • Audible Alarm

The door hanger will also contain the Officer’s name, date, and time this issue was reported/observed. In an effort to reduce/prevent crime, citizens will be provided this information, which also contains tips on how to prevent crime and reduce the chances of citizens being a victim of a crime. Please note that these door hangers are not enforcement action, rather, this is an effort to inform our citizens of problems/issues, which left unattended, may increases the chances of being victimized.

Department Quick Links

In addition to our Door Hanger program, two additional informational cards have been developed for our citizens. The first card is Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses and the second card is Crime Prevention Tips (Citizens). The information contained on these informational cards highlight common scams, how to recognize suspicious activity, how to report this activity to the police, and how to handle certain non-violent situations, where the possibility of being a crime victim is probable.

It is vitally important that each citizen does their part in reporting suspicious activity, following the simple crime prevention tips, and communicating with the police.

Each card contains information how to contact the police and fire departments (emergency/non-emergency phone numbers). At any time, you may contact the Monroe Police Department for further information, if your situation is not encompassed within the information contained on these cards. The Monroe Police Department is excited about partnering with its community and its continued work toward making The City of Monroe a safe place to live, work, and play.