The Engineering Department issues permits to the general public for three (3) different purposes: 

Oversize and / or Overweight Load Permits 

Issued on a case by case basis for travel across roadways within the City’s jurisdiction. Permits can be initiated online by going to  Fees are generally $100 for a one-time, one-way move, and $200 for an annual permit, which is only valid within the same calendar year. A certificate of liability insurance will be required, must name the City of Monroe as additional insured (not simply Certificate Holder). Oversized and overweight permits for I-75, US-24, M-125, and M-50 must be processed through MDOT’s permit system, whereas roadways bordering the City (Stewart Road, Cole Road, and LaPlaisance south of Jones Avenue) all require permits through the Monroe County Road Commission. Permit fees are generally invoiced due to the relatively short turnaround needed.  Questions?  Please contact us at 734-384-9126. 

Sanitary Sewer Connection Permits

May be issued for properties both inside the City and those in Frenchtown, Monroe, and Raisinville Townships that are served by the Monroe Metropolitan Wastewater Collection System. While each individual sanitary sewer line is considered the property owner’s full responsibility from the house to the main (including the tap), the City must permit and inspect each new tap installed on the system to ensure water tightness. The PERMIT FORM should be returned to the Engineering Department. Once the permit is issued, contractors should contact the Department to schedule the inspection of the new tap. Permit fee is $50.

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Right-of-Way Permits

May be issued for a variety of possible purposes where the applicant is proposing work within the public right-of-way. Right-of-way in most cases refers to street property including the street itself, lawn between sidewalk and curb, the sidewalk itself, and usually a foot or so behind the sidewalk, though this may vary. City rights-of-way can also include other public places such as alleys, parking lots, parks, or City-owned properties. Some of the most common work requiring a permit includes new sanitary or storm sewer connections (which also require adherence to the Sanitary Sewer Connection Policy), driveway approach and sidewalk work, and dumpsters used for private work. The permit and fee schedule can be access Right of Way Fee Schedule and Right of Way PERMIT. A certificate of liability insurance must be submitted with all applications, and must name the City of Monroe as additional insured (not simply Certificate Holder). Some types of permits, particularly those involving street excavations, also require submission of a license permit bond or cash bond of up to $5,000 to guard against damage. Depending on the complexity of the work, some permits also require plans as well. The City’s specific policy on DUMPSTERS can also be found below.