A main duty of the Monroe Fire Division is to safeguard life and property from the hazards of fire. In a proactive attempt to ensure the safety of structures, the MFD conducts fire safety inspections throughout the year. Pre-fire planning walk throughs are also conducted by the Fire Marshal. The purpose of these inspections is to identify and correct hazardous conditions before they cause a fire or otherwise create a problem. These inspections are how we help to ensure the properties are maintained, exit doors are unlocked and operable, and safety issues are addressed.

The Fire Marshal conducts inspections of high hazard buildings such as schools, both public and private, public assembly occupancies and locations where large loss of life or property could occur. We also work with State agencies in the inspection of local hospitals, nursing homes, adult foster care facilities and above ground storage tank facilities. We review site plans for new buildings and fire systems, and are responsible for fire investigation activities such as photography, evidence preservation, assisting prosecutors with criminal cases and working with State and Federal agencies. The division is responsible for the creation, administration and evaluation of all public education activities and serves as the liaison with the Building Department.

The Fire Marshal has the responsibility to inspect for and enforce adopted fire codes, State and local codes, standards and ordinances that provide for fire safety in public occupancies located within the City of Monroe. The City of Monroe has adopted the International Fire code and enforces all codes within. If a Fire Code violation is found during an inspection, an order of correction is issued to correct the problem and a re-inspection date is scheduled to guarantee compliance. 

City Codes

If you would like to have the fire department conduct a safety inspection of your business or home, please contact us.