Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Get the funding you need to help you launch or grow your business or to fill a gap in your building project budget.

CEED LENDING: Provides the tools and resources to build and maintain a successful business through the small business loan program.

CERTIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT GRANT PROGRAM - RESTORATION PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: Supports plans and specifications, feasibility studies, historic structures reports, facade recommendations, and marketing studies for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Grants are available only through the CLG program.

Michigan entrepreneurs have access to one of the most progressive investment crowdfunding opportunities in the nation. For those looking to start a new venture, grow an existing business, or invest in real estate, investment crowdfunding offers an effective alternative to traditional funding

CROWDFUNDING - OTHER: Crowdfunding creates new opportunities for people to invest locally. Investment crowdfunding can be a dynamic economic development tool. A multitude of crowdfunding platforms exist with various targets, including some with an economic development or real estate focus. Look to platforms like Indiegogo, Peerbackers, Funding Circle, Fundrise and more.

FACADE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM: Provides funding for projects that will enhance the aesthetics and historical character in the DDA District and assist property owners in rehabilitating and upgrading the facades and exterior features of their buildings

Provides funding assistance to Michigan nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and municipalities for the expansion, renovation or construction of cultural facilities; upgrade of equipment and furnishing to provide a competitive and up-to-date environment; equipment and instrument acquisitions that are integral to the implementation of events and services

MICHIGAN COMMUNITY REVITALIZATION PROGRAM: Promotes community revitalization through the provision of grants, loans or other economic assistance for eligible projects located on properties that are either contaminated (facility), blighted, functionally obsolete or historic resources.

PACE ENERGY PROGRAM: Funds energy upgrades to buildings that create jobs or make properties more valuable, and helps states achieve policy goals

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 504 LOAN PROGRAM: Provides small businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing to acquire major fixed assets for expansion or modernization.

MONROE COUNTY BDC MATCHING FUNDS:  Monroe County Business Development Corporation offers support for business growth and support, including seed funding.

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