Orchard East Neighborhood Plan

Orchard East Neighborhood Plan
Posted on 06/22/2022
Orchard East Neighborhood Plan

The City of Monroe is planning for the future of the Orchard East neighborhood!  Our goal is to develop a realistic plan for new housing, retail, and cultural resources in collaboration with Orchard East residents.

Orchard East is a diverse residential and commercial neighborhood which many long-term and new residents call home.  The City will work with residents, businesses, schools, nonprofits, leadership, and others to develop a comprehensive plan for the Orchard East neighborhood.

The Orchard East Neighborhood Plan is currently focused on five topic areas: housing, neighborhood retail/commercial development, transportation and mobility, public spaces, neighborhood identity. Other topic areas may be identified through community engagement.

Your voice matters! We want to hear from Orchard East residents to align future improvements with community values and aspirations.

Share your thoughts and take our survey: https://form.typeform.com/to/EGrrJqpK

Your information will be kept anonymous. Responses to this survey will be reviewed to refine a community vision for the future of Orchard East. The results will be summarized and posted on the page linked below.

For more information on the Orchard East Neighborhood Plan, including project team, timeline and more, please follow the link below.