Footing Drain Disconnection Program

Footing Drain Disconnection 

The Monroe Metropolitan Wastewater System (MMWS) offers a program to complete work for customers for:

  • Disconnection of footing drains that are connected to the sanitary sewer system
  • And optionally, install a backwater valve on the plumbing system of existing homes.

The FDD program includes the MMWS to perform a Footing Drain Disconnect at your property to disconnect footing drains from the system. The MMWS will fund 100% of the cost using their contractors to perform the FDD with available budget and schedule.

The FDD Program does NOT cover the following:

  • Replacement of a sump pump and or backwater valve when footing drains
    have already been separated from the MMWS.
  • Work performed prior to September 15, 2023.
For more information, please call our Water Department staff at 734.384.9150.

Why should I care?

If you have had basement sewer backups previously this program will reduce that chance by removing clear water from entering the sewer system that can overwhelm the downstream sewer system and treatment plant. It will increase sewer system capacity along with providing a line of defense with a backwater valve installation to mitigate future backups from occurring at your location.

Why should I do this?

This program helps reduce chances of having a basement backup, increase system capacity, reduce operating costs and bring the location into compliance with current codes and ordinances.

Why should I participate?

The program is free of cost to the owner, brings the locations into compliance with current codes and ordinances, helps increase system capacity, reduces operating costs, and reduces chances of having a basement backup.