Ride Along

Ride Along

The City of Monroe Police Department Ride Along Program is intended to enhance public awareness and acquaint citizens with the duties and responsibilities of uniformed Police Officers. 

Before applying to take part in the Ride-Along Program, the participant must understand that police work is inherently dangerous and although we take every reasonable precaution to minimize the danger, there remains some risk to your personal safety. Prior to participating in the Ride-Along Program you must sign a Waiver releasing the City of Monroe, the Monroe Police Department, and employees of the Police Department from any liability should you be injured during the ride-along.

A Ride Along application must be thoroughly completed and returned to the Monroe Police Department in person or by mail. A letter of response will be mailed back to the applicant. An application can be picked up at the Lobby during normal business hours.

Ride Along passengers shall be 18 years of age or over, or a juvenile, 15 years or older, if a parent/guardian is willing to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement. Ride Along passengers shall have no felony background or other security concerns. Ride Along passengers shall have average physical ability and no known serious impairment.

Any approved passenger who fails to show for a scheduled ride along will not be considered for another ride along.