Planning Department Applications

The following is a list of applications processed by the Planning Department.

Determination of Similar Use

This application can be submitted if the proposed use of a parcel is not listed under any of the city's listed zoning districts. The application is a request to the Citizens Planning Commission to review whether the proposed use is similar to a listed permitted or Special Use in the parcel's zoning district.

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Land Division

This application is submitted when one or more parcels are being split, combined or in some other way changing their shape.

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The rezoning application requests a hearing with the Citizens Planning Commission and a decision from City Council to change the zoning designation of a parcel.

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Site Plan

The site plan application is to be submitted if an applicant is initiating a use or development activity so the city can determine whether the site is in compliance with city ordinances and regulations. Site plans can be reviewed either administratively - an as needed Committee of city employees and/or Commissioners - or by the Citizens Planning Commission. Be sure to confirm with staff the application and fee are for the proper level of review before it is submitted.

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Special Use

Each zoning district has uses that require special consideration due to their impact on surrounding properties. If the proposed use is designated as a Special Use in its parcel's zoning district, this application needs to be submitted and the applicant's case will appear before the Citizens Planning Commission.

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Street/Alley Easement Vacation

If there is a need to vacate a street, alley or easement and add it to the tax roll, submit this application. The case will appear before the Citizens Planning Commission, which makes a recommendation to City Council for a final decision.

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Zoning Compliance Form

This application is submitted in partnership with the Certificate of Occupancy when exploring a potential development or location for a business to ensure the intended use meets the Zoning Code for compliance.

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New Subdivisions or Developments

The following applications are for the submission of plans for new subdivisions or developments. Contact the Planning Department to determine which is appropriate for any proposed development.