St. Mary's Gardens Subdivision Storm Sewer Project

St. Mary's Gardens Subdivision Storm Sewer Project

 The City of Monroe has started work on the Saint Mary’s Gardens Subdivision Storm Sewer Project. This project is being undertaken in response to numerous heavy rain events that have caused street flooding in the past decade. The existing storm sewer system is undersized, too shallow, and does not have adequate slope to properly drain to Mason Run Drain.

The project will add storm sewers to streets that currently don’t have any and increase the existing storm sewer capacity, which will enhance the neighborhood’s ability to drain runoff in a heavy storm event. The new system is designed to handle a modified 10-year storm. The project will also allow easy storm sewer access to every property in the neighborhood with the new front yard drainage basins.

Construction will include a pump station below grade in Calgary Park to discharge storm water to Mason Run. Additionally, this project will also include front yard drainage basins for each home to allow easy access to discharge any privately-owned clear water fixtures such as sump pumps, roof drains and perimeter tiles correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: the project will not directly address rear yard flooding issues, or sewer backups without further residential intervention.

After the storm sewer project is concluded, the City of Monroe will be engaging a separate contractor to assist homeowners in rerouting internal plumbing to direct sump pump lines to the newly provided yard basins, and disconnect them from the existing sanitary sewer. This will be conducted through the Wastewater Department’s clear water discharge disconnection program after the completion of the storm sewer project this year, likely in 2024. The form to fill out to apply for the Wastewater Department’s clear water discharge disconnection program can be found here.

The project will be concluded with a full concrete reconstruction of all streets within the project area, which includes Calgary Dr, John L Dr, McCormick Dr, Lavender St, and N Roessler St, all between Hendricks Dr and the City Line. A location map is linked in the document container below.

The total value of this construction contract is $6.4 million. The project is projected to last at least through September, 2023, but may run longer if there are material, labor or weather delays.

Residents are encouraged to contact Engineering at any time for further questions.  As the project progresses to individual streets, the department will provide additional direct notification letters as appropriate.

Please contact the Engineering Department if you have any information to provide regarding any existing storm water lines you may have presently serving your property.