Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

In order to carry out the purposes stated above, the Commission is charged with certain specific duties and responsibilities by the City Council. Chapter 383 states:

  1. The Commission shall review the work of the Historic District Study Committee and provide recommendation to the City Council as to the designation of historic districts and buildings, sites, structures, and objects within the City of Monroe.

  2. The Commission shall ensure protection of designated areas by its review of building, demolition or other related permit applications.

  3. The Commission shall be empowered to investigate tax incentives and preservation funding and recommend to the City Council application for such incentives.

  4. The Commission, with the consent of the property owner of record, may erect or install historic markers and/or plaques on property or properties designated as an historic building, site, structure or object; or as a historic building, site, structure or object located within a designated historic district.

  5. The Commission may initiate, collaborate, assist or carry out surveys, studies, or programs designed to identify and evaluate buildings, sites, structures, objects, or districts worthy of preservation.

  6. The Commission, with the consent of the property owner of record, may inspect and investigate a building, site, structure, object, or district believed worthy of preservation.

  7. The Commission may disseminate information, as well as advise residents throughout the community as to the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of all historic resources located within the City of Monroe.

  8. The Commission may sponsor educational workshops/seminars relating to historic preservation.

  9. The Commission may consider methods other than those provided for in this chapter for encouraging and achieving historic preservation, and may make recommendations relating to the same to the Mayor and Council, the Director of Building, Zoning and Environmental Compliance and other bodies and/or agencies, both public and private.

  10. The commission may issue an appropriate commendation and recognition to individuals, firms and/or areas, which promote the preservation of historic resources of the City.

  11. The Commission shall maintain a roster of all Historic Districts (link to pdf of Historic Districts in Master Plan).

  12. The City Council may prescribe powers and duties of the Historic District Commission, in addition to those prescribed by statute, that foster historic preservation activities, projects and programs within the City of Monroe.


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