Monroe Police Department Divisions

Road Patrol

The Monroe Police Department Road Patrol is divided into four squads. Two squads for the day shift and two squads for the night shift. Our Road Patrol Officers work 12 hour shifts and are also responsible for PSO duties, when called upon. Each squad is supervised by a Shift Lieutenant. Overall, both Day Shifts and Night Shifts have oversight by their respective Shift Captain.

Public Safety Officer (PSO) is the title used to describe our Officers, who undergo NFPA Certified Fire Academy Training, and in addition to police duties, they are cross-trained as Fire Fighters. This is a requirement for all Officers who are employed with the Monroe Police Department. Public Safety Officers, respond to assist the Monroe Fire Department with fire suppression duties and adhere to a continuous training regiment set forth by the Monroe Fire Department. In addition to being a PSO, our Officers also undergo Medical First Responder (MFR) training and adhere to the required licensing requirements and continued training.

Each Officer is responsible for responding to both emergency and non-emergency complaints, through the Monroe County Central Dispatch. Officers assigned to Road Patrol are responsible for PSO duties, rescue calls, traffic enforcement, investigation of criminal complaints, responding to unusual events or suspicious incidents, and community relations. Road Patrol Officers receive over 100 hours of continued training annually to maintain the high level of service the Monroe Police Department provides. The Monroe Police Department prides itself with the continued positive relationships we foster between businesses and citizens alike.

Contact information for Road Patrol can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.

Investigations / Special Services

The Monroe Police Department has a Detective Bureau, which is comprised of 2 full-time detectives, Juvenile Investigations Detective, School Resource Officer, and 2 full-time Vice Officers.

The Detective Bureau is supervised by a Detective Lieutenant and a Vice Lieutenant, where overall oversight is achieved through an Administrative Captain. The Detective Bureau and Vice Unit are responsible for the continued investigation of serious crimes, felony complaints, in-depth investigations, narcotic investigations, Arson Investigations, and Death Investigations, while taking a supportive role to the Road Patrol. The Detective Bureau is responsible for the follow-up investigations to Road Patrol complaints. All Detectives receive specialized training to successfully accomplish their duties, while providing the citizens of the City of Monroe with a high level of investigative service.

Contact information for Detective and Supervisors can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.


The Monroe Police Department Administration is comprised of the Office of the Chief of Police, Administrative Captain, and Records Bureau Staff.  The Chief of Police is responsible for the overall operations of the Monroe Police Department, which is carried out with assistance, by the department Captains of each division for day to day operations. The Records Bureau staff is comprised of a records bureau supervisor and 3 full-time clerks who are responsible for a myriad of clerical duties and business related tasks, as it pertains to the continued function of the business of the Monroe Police Department. Through supervision of the administration, the Monroe Police Department also utilizes part-time civilian employees (Cadets) for parking enforcement duties, as well as other tasks, which may be assigned.

Contact information for Records Staff and Supervisors can be found via the link below.